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Improve safety. Ensure compliance.

Make a difference in your organisation with the power of Inrisys. A single platform that captures incidents when they happen and facilitates accountability and compliance.

What is Inrisys?

Inrisys helps you manage and analyse incidents. You’re empowered with
up-to-date information to ensure compliance and improve health and safety initiatives, company-wide.

How can Inrisys help you?

Report · Track · Analyse · Improve


Timely response

Alert authorities of all incidents in real time for a faster response


Identify pain points

Identify weak links in your operations and take preventive measures

Exceed industry
safety scores

Ensure that your organisation is up to date with the latest ISO standards


Address the problem directly

Dig deeper into root causes and enact proactive change

Mobile Friendly 


With our mobile-friendly solution, the incidents can be reported in a faster, simpler way. This feature enables efficient and accurate incident reporting.


Impact of Inrisys

Inrisys customers have reported an increase of 


in incident reporting within the first four months.

Inrisys is a user-friendly, efficient solution for reporting and managing clinical incidents that take place in a hospital. Highly recommended.

Dr. Panna Goonaratne
Group Director, Hemas Hospitals

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